Worldwide, more than 1.2 billion people live in rural or urban off-grid areas. And many more depend on electricity from diesel-generators, resulting in high fuel costs and significant air pollution.

The Mini-MSC-System (MSC = Multi Source Converter) provides a stable and sustainable electricity supply for remote areas, based on renewable energy in combination with energy storage. A back-up diesel generator or gasmotor generator can be integrated. Also integration with the public grid is possible, this can ensure a stable electricity supply to the consumer in regions with regular black-outs or brown-outs. The Mini-MSC-System is the right solution for the following applications:

  • Mini Grids for rural villages
  • Holiday Ressorts in remote locations
  • Animal Farms with high energy demand
  • Cold Storage Houses
  • Desalination Plants


The Mini Multi Source Converter can integrate different renewable energy sources (PV, Wind, Hydro, Biogas) and both DC and AC inputs are available. The supply side can also be configured to provide both DC and AC output. Different battery technologies (lead-acid, lead-carbon, lithium-ion) can be used for energy storage, and for short-term grid stabilization ultracapacitors can be an option.

The control system is based on a robust and reliable PLC with multiple fieldbus ports and flexible I/O configuration. The modular Software ensures efficient and fully automatic operation of the MSC-system.


  • Reliable electricity supply based on multi source concept
  • Modular sizes from 20kW to 150kW
  • Independence from public grid
  • Flexible configuration for a variety of applications
  • Communication interface for remote access
  • In accordance with all relevant international grid specifications
  • Containerised solutions or cabinets depending on project requirements

The Mini-MSC-System is the enabling core element of a grid-independent, renewable energy supply and can be configured for a variety of applications. In cooperation with experienced partner companies we can also offer turnkey mini grid solutions.