Grid Support Solutions
for the Irish Market

STATCOM Converters and IES Battery Storage Systems for DS3 System Services

FREQCON DS3 Applications

The integration of high levels of renewable energy requires certain measures, regarding voltage and frequency support to ensure system stability of the electrical grid. On the island of Ireland EirGrid and SONI are working on the DS3 Project to prepare the grid for handling up to 75% of instantaneous wind penetration.

We have specified 3 scalable standard products that cover any of the newproposed DS3 system services as well as the existing system services:

FREQCON products

Based on leading edge power converter technology, FREQCON provides tailored solutions to provide any of the required DS3 System Services.

New DS3 System Services


Existing DS3 System Services


FREQCON DS3 Design Features

FREQCON GRID SUPPORT products are based on our field proven Next Generation Converter (NGC) technology. More than 10 GW of installed converter systems, and field experience of more than 20 years have proven the high reliability of our design. NGC´s outstanding power quality (THD < 2%) and low EME design was certified for a wide range of applications. All components are sourced from well-known industrial brands with world wide availability.

FREQCON GRID SUPPORT products use active balancing technology for optimal charging efficiency (4% higher than passive balancing), for optimal battery capacity (8% higher than passive balancing) and for maximum cycle capability (15% higher than passive balancing).

FREQCON GRID SUPPORT products provide 100 Mbit data interface for all major communication standards like IEC 61850, IEC60870-5-10X, Modbus DNP3, IEC 61400-25, Profinet and others.

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