Next Generation Converter

Leading Edge Converter Technology for Wind, Solar and Grid Support Applications

FREQCON NGC Applications

FREQCON Next Generation Converters offer high efficiency and a cost effective solution, and come as full size 2-Q or 4-Q converters for all generator designs (synchronous generator, induction generator) for wind, hydro, cogeneration units and diesel gene-rators.

The system is used as solar converter, providing a centralized design with high voltage DC-bus for saving cable costs.

FREQCON NGC as battery to grid converter for smart charging and discharging provides a wide range of battery types, such as Li, LiFePO4, lead-acid, sodium-sulfur and zinc-oxygen and double layer capacitors.

Redundant multi-converter system

Multi-level, high voltage converter up to 2400VDC

Reactive power compensation for high dynamic grid voltage control

Harmonic filtering

Grid support applications according to BDEW2008, TC2007, TR8 FGW, DS3

FREQCON NGC Next Generation Converter

FREQCON NGC Design Features

  • Field proven design, with more than 10 GW installed since 1994
  • Low EME design by symmetrically grounded DC-link
  • Low THD (< 2%) certified in many applications
  • Fully scalable design (single module size: 500 kW, 1 MW, 1.5 MW,
    2 MW, 3 MW)
  • High efficiency through optimized pulsing (1.5% AC/DC conversion)
  • Variable frequency for noise reduction and optimal inductor efficiency
  • Phase shift capability for ripple current reduction
  • LVRT and HVRT capability
  • Full range reactive power control
  • Wide temperature range (including hot/cold climate), compact water cooled design
  • Integrated long term, multi-channel trace function, remote monitoring and software updates, WEB interface
    standards like IEC 61850, IEC 60870-5-10x, IEC 61400-25
  • Designed according to IEC 62477-1, Low-Voltage Directive 2006/95/EC, EMC Directive 2004/108/EC, IEC 60204-1,
    IEC 60146-1-1